Dixie Daniels
Grad Student at Oregon State University


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Thousand Cankers Disease

“To the vector go the spoils: identifying fungal pathogens associated with Thousand Cankers Disease complex in East Tennessee.”

Phytophthora Root Rot

“Effects of Fungal Pathogens and Soil Sterility on American Chestnut Growth at a Reclaimed Mine Site in East Tennessee.”

Mine Reclamation

“Mycorrhizal Function in Tree Stands Located on Reclaimed Mine Sites.”

About Dixie

Professional Skills and Experience
Graduate student with experience in lab & field

I seek to improve natural resource management of native tree species through research of both native and exotic invasive pathogens.

I have previous experience studying phytophthora root rot in American chestnut, as well as Thousand Cankers Disease complex (Geosmithia morbida vectored by Pityophthorus juglandis).

I am interested in continuing to research these and other pathogen diseases, including sudden oak death, Swiss needle cast, etc. It is my goal to become a forest pathologist with experience in molecular as well as applied methods of forest pest management.

See my academic awards here.

  • Molecular methods

    PCR, using species-specific microsatellite loci as well as ITS Regions 1 and 4

  • Writing and Editing

    Including proposals, papers for publication, etc.

  • Forestry BMPs

    Experience in Southeast and Pacific Northwest

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Dixie Daniels

Graduate Teaching Assistant
First year grad student working hard to earn a Masters of Science in Forestry at Oregon State University. Enjoys being outside, riding motorcycles, playing board games with her two cats, and knitting.
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Jim Kiser

Advisor Extraordinaire
Areas of Interest: Ecology of Fungi and Forest Trees, Molecular Genetics of Forest Fungi, Physiological Responses of Forest Trees to Fungi

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Please contact me here or via email at dixie.daniels@oregonstate.edu